Training Tip
Training Tip
Set your dog up to succeed! Rewarding spontaneous desirable behavior is the best way to decrease unwanted behaviors.
Dog Talk Training

DOG TALK incorporates the latest in training and behavior management techniques to help you mold a confident, willing, obedient canine partner. Whether you need behavior solutions, want a polite family companion or intend to participate in therapy work or canine sports, our training classes will help you get the results you want. A variety of small group classes and individual learning opportunities are available.

What others have to say about Dog Talk Training

" Dog Talk provides cutting edge training. I recommend them to anyone who is serious about creating the best possible relationship with their dogs. "
- Lisa Fox, Sunbury
" Michele and the staff at Dog Talk were wonderful in helping me with my very difficult and unruly puppy. Their patience, support and knowledge are unparalleled! "
- Christine Mackan, Dublin
" Dog Talk made me a believer in positive reinforcement training. My dog and I now enjoy our long walks to the park and the best part is seeing him running to me when I call even in the midst of playing with other dogs. "
- Sam Arisan, Clintonville
" Great class and a great way to spend time with my dog. "
- Kevin McCauley, Powell
" Thanks to the folks at Dog Talk, my dog and I are now on the right track! He is a pleasure to walk and can go with me anywhere. "
- Meghan Dorn, Hilliard